Are Tattoos Allowed in Turkey?

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With more than 10 million inhabitants, Turkey is an increasingly popular destination for foreign visitors and immigrants. Its booming economy, robust culture, and growing urban population have made the country a prime choice for many people seeking opportunities in a relatively stable society. But itג€™s not all good news ג€” Turkey has also been facing increased scrutiny from its citizens and international organizations regarding its treatment of minorities and its increasing ties with extremist groups. This has led to some concerning effects on the countryג€™s tourist industry and overall economy.
As a result, you may want to keep your itinerary in check if you plan on visiting Turkey anytime soon. Hereג€™s a list of specific activities that are technically allowed but unadvisable for most travelers.

Can You Get a Tattoo in Istanbul?

Many countries in the world have regulations regarding tattoos. In Turkey, tattooing is technically legal, but itג€™s not something that most people would be comfortable with on a trip to this country. In fact, many people are offended by the idea of receiving a tattoo while visiting Turkey as they associate it with an illegal practice that is often associated with crime and gang membership.
So, if youג€™re thinking about getting a tattoo in Istanbul, you should probably think twice before doing so. Itג€™s not just because of the offense that some people might take to your ink ג€” there are serious health risks involved as well. Tattoos can be easily infected with bacteria, which can ultimately lead to skin infections and diseases like hepatitis B or C. While both of these viruses require extensive medical care, you wonג€™t want to risk it for a temporary decoration.

At What Age Can You Get a Tattoo in Turkey?

Tattoos are a popular form of art that have been practiced for thousands of years. Many people consider them to be a lifestyle choice, while others use them as an expression of their personality. In Turkey, tattoos are illegal in the following cases:
– if they violate public decency or morals,
– if they are insulting or derogatory to cultural values and traditions,
– if they violate the public health code and public safety law,
– if they contain obscene words or images.
The Turkish Ministry of Justice is considering raising the legal age limit at which minors can get tattoos but has not yet done so. If you’re planning on visiting Turkey with younger children in tow, it’s best to keep an eye out for any changes that may be forthcoming.

Can Turkish Muslims Have Tattoos?

Itג€™s illegal for Muslims to have tattoos in Turkey.
All visitors are required to wear a shirt and trousers, but shorts are technically allowed as long as they do not reveal the thighs or crotch.
Women can wear skirts, but no higher than three centimeters above the knees, and men cannot show their knees or ankles.

Why Canן¿½t Muslims Get Tattoos?

According to the Turkish Constitution, Muslims are not allowed to get tattoos. This is because, according to Article 6 of the document, a personג€™s religion cannot be changed without their consent.
Now, you may think that this rule is rather harsh, but it also allows for a greater level of freedom among Turkeyג€™s Muslim population. Because they cannot get tattoos, they can easily identify themselves as Muslim by covering their bodies with clothing and other accessories.
If you want to visit Turkey and you want to avoid any confusion or potentially embarrassing situations on the grounds of your religious affiliation, make sure that you donג€™t have any tattoos on display.

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