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Polynesian tattoos are popular all over the world, and for good reason. Theyג€™re bold and colorful, which makes them a great compliment to an individualג€™s wardrobe. But, what is it about these types of tattoos that has people flocking to them? There are various explanations as to why so many people are getting inked with these designs. However, we may never know for sure one way or the other.
Polynesians are indigenous people who live in Oceania ג€” countries such as Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, and Hawaii ג€”and they were known as sea nomads until European explorers set foot on their islands. The word ג€˜Polyג€™ means ג€˜Manyג€™ in Greek; this shows how new arrivals from Greece came to inhabit Polynesia. As the original inhabitants of Polynesia have now been assimilated into the majority culture, their cultural traditions ג€” including those involving tattoos ג€” have fallen by the wayside. As a result, youג€™ll now find more modern versions of tattoo designs that originate from Polynesia rather than those that were originally there and passed down through generations.

What do Polynesian tattoos tell about the individual?

Every tattoo tells a story, and a Polynesian tattoo can be one of the most captivating ones on your body. These tattoos show an individualג€™s cultural background and heritage. They also showcase a personג€™s personality and overall persona.
A Polynesian tattoo is usually more than just an ink design. Itג€™s a full-body depiction that includes colors, lines, symbols, and graphics. When you get inked with one, youג€™re committing to this type of lifestyle permanently as well as showing your love for the culture represented by it.

Is it okay for a non Polynesian to get a Polynesian tattoo?

Yes. Not only are there several famous Polynesian culture figures who have their own tattoos ג€” like Elvis Presley or Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac ג€” but these designs are still popular among non-Polynesians. In fact, the popularity of Polynesian tattoos likely has to do with the fact that theyג€™re so bold and vibrant. They stand out, which makes them a great choice for individuals looking for something different in their body art.
The traditional Polynesian tattoo designs look great on people of all ethnicities and genders. The designs can be quite detailed and often incorporate intricate patterns and imagery that work well with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors. Some examples of these designs include dotwork (also known as peyote stitch) tattoos on the hands, feet, or legs; geometric shapes like triangles or circles; stylized flowers; birds; fish; turtles; and more. There are also some specific types of tattoos that are more commonly found in Polynesia than others — including suns, stars, moons, daggers (used by men as a status symbol), geometric shapes with tiki gods at their center (a sign of protection), Hawaiian-style hibiscus flowers with leaves on top (a sign of good luck), spears and other weapons used by warriors in battle

What are the main features of Polynesian tattoo design?

In Polynesian tattoo designs, youג€™ll find some common themes. They often include geometric shapes like triangles and circles with intricate patterns. There are also flowers, tattoos of god or goddesses, sharks and stars ג€” all different types of motifs that create an individualized design. And no matter what the theme, these tattoos incorporate color. For example, if you want to add a flower motif to your sleeve, you could go for a red flower or a yellow one as long as itג€™s in your favorite color palette.
The designs are often drawn on the body with tribal-style dots in black ink that create outlines of the design on the skin. These tattoos will be completed with colors at another time and will only become more vibrant over time as they heal up.
As mentioned earlier, there are numerous reasons why people get Polynesian tattoos. But regardless of how they came about, these designs are great additions to any wardrobe and can be seen anywhere from beaches to nightclubs.

Do Polynesian tattoos tell a story?

The meaning of Polynesian tattoos has been lost. However, some people speculate that they may tell a story about the wearerג€™s life or their family lineage. Others believe that some types of Polynesian tattoos are associated with the lunar calendar.
More importantly, itג€™s hard to say whether these tattoos were originally intended for spiritual purposes or as part of a cultural tradition. One thing is certain, though: these tattoos have become popular in mainstream culture and remain a favorite because they display bold colors and striking designs.

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