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Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, but that excitement may be marred by the discovery of hidden meanings. The more you know about your tattoo, the better you can plan for it and deal with any uncomfortable feelings about it. As well as being aware of any meanings your tattoo might have for friends and family, you should also research what your tattoo means from a broader cultural perspective. For example, if you get a tribal or Polynesian-inspired design on your back, read up on Inari panthees and kamis before you go in for the final details.
These tattoos can have many different meanings and weג€™re not quite sure why some people choose to hide them rather than display them proudly. Here are seven common hidden meanings of certain tattoos:

What are tattoos have a deep meaning?

The color black often symbolizes death, darkness, sadness and grief.
Some people choose to hide their tattoos because they are self-conscious about them. They may also be hiding them from the public eye for fear of persecution or just because they donג€™t want it to be seen by others due to the religious or cultural beliefs of those around them.
Another reason people may want to keep their tattoos hidden is because they are afraid of how others will react when they see it. For example, if you get a tattoo of an animal that has been abused, such as a cat, dog or horse, you may worry that people will make fun of you for getting such a tattoo, thinking that you have no respect for animals.
As well as these more negative meanings, many tattoos have positive meanings in addition to the hidden meanings. These include symbols that represent things like vowels and numbers.

What are the 444 tattoos?

444 is a new trend on the rise. Itג€™s a reference to George Orwellג€™s novel 1984, which features the number 4 and refers to the protagonist Winstonג€™s memories of childhood games. The obvious connection between these two tattoos is that both are referencing childhood memories.
The tattooג€™s meaning corresponds with the person who got it: an individual who wants to be reminded of happier times in their life.
Some people who get this tattoo may have been abused or neglected as children or never had a chance at a happy childhood, so getting the tattoo makes them feel better about themselves. Even though they need help, they want to remember when things were good in their life and not just focus on the bad memories.

What does 81 tattoo mean?

The number 81 is often used for a personג€™s age. The 81st Psalm is an excerpt from the Book of Psalms that encourages people to trust in Godג€™s protection.
A love letter to someone in jail or the prison system can be a design with a heart around the word ג€_x009c_love.ג€_x009d_ This tattoo may have been given as a way to express oneג€™s love and support, despite the distance between them.
A black widow spider tattoo could indicate that you are drawn to danger and particularly dangerous endeavors. Some people also use it as a warning not to get close, which might mean that they donג€™t trust anyone but themselves, or it may be their way of saying that they know how to handle things on their own without needing help from others.
If your tattoo has some sort of religious iconography, such as Jesus, Buddha, or the Norse god Thor on it, you might be trying to find guidance in your life or even make an oath with no other witnesses present.
Bear tattoos can allude to strength and power. In particular, bear paws represent strength and stealthyness for those in need of survival skills.

What does 2% tattoo mean?

This tattoo can be interpreted as a percentage, symbolizing the 2 percent of the population that is gay.
Another meaning could be that he or she has been through a lot and survived.
Some people think this means they are going to stay in prison forever because they have been sentenced to 8 years of jail time.
Another meaning associated with this tattoo is it was originally supposed to be 10% but due to various reasons, it was reduced to 2%.

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