Is It Allowed to Have a Tattoo in Islam?

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You may be a Muslim and love your faith and you would like to confirm if having a tattoo is acceptable with your faith. 

Permanent tattoos are considered a major sin because Allah has placed a curse on anyone who acquires one. Numerous hadiths from the Quran prohibit you from acquiring a tattoo.

However, a temporary tattoo is allowed and considered a form of beauty. I will expound further so that you get the whole spectrum concerning tattooing below.

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Is It Allowed to Have a Temporary Tattoo in Islam?

According to Islam, temporary tattoos are not haram. That is because they are viewed as simply a form of beauty.

The reason they are allowed is because of fact that they will fade away after a short period.

According to the hardcore scholars of Islam, what qualifies as a temporary tattoo should not last more than 3 weeks. Such temporary tattoos include kohl, mehndi, henna, et cetera.

Beautification tattoos like microblading of eyebrows, which can last up to 3 years, are considered permanent.

For a tattoo to be considered fully allowed, some criteria make it accepted, which I will highlight below.

Conditions that Make a Temporary Tattoo Acceptable in Islam

1. No Obscenity and Profanity.

Foul language is considered ungodly. That means it is seen as haram when you apply a temporary tattoo with profanity, vulgar or swearing.

Profanity and abusive language is generally considered sinful in Islam.  For instance, if you get a temporary tattoo of nakedness or gang signs, such is considered barbaric and haram.

2. No Animate Drawings

It is considered uncharacteristic of the Islam faith when you apply drawings of human beings, birds, unicorns, animals, et cetera.

Drawings of calligraphy or fancy patterns are allowed. Pictures of nature, landscapes, artifacts, and vehicles are also allowed.

3. Permeability

It is considered a duty to pray daily in Islam. For your prayers to be authenticated fully, you need to wash up before entering the mosque to pray.

Water should come into direct contact with your skin; hence tattoos that are heavy or that engrave deep into your skin are a hindrance to that contact.

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4. Tattoo Should Be Harmless

A tattoo that is painful when applied to you is considered a big sin in Islam.

It even goes further to the ink type and chemical components in it. It is considered harmful and a sin if it causes discomfort or an allergic reaction to your skin.

Reasons Why Permanent Tattoos Are Haram

1. Seen as a Form of Deception

Deception is a big sin in Islam.  As a Muslim, you should always be truthful, transparent, and trustworthy in your actions, speech, and appearance.

Permanent tattooing is seen as an endless deception of how you look. That is why it is haram to acquire a permanent tattoo in Islam.

A permanent tattoo is seen as changing the original form of how Allah created you and is hence considered a major sin.

2. Risk of Infection

Permanent tattooing requires ink to be inserted into your skin. The process is painful, and chances of infection are high, especially if proper hygiene is not followed.

Permanent tattooing can cause complications like skin infection, allergies, inflammations, et cetera.

According to Islam, inflicting harm and pain on yourself is a sin. It is not allowed to put yourself in a position vulnerable to infections and diseases.

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3. Altering the Original Design of God

Changing the original design of Allah is considered a sin, and tattooing is viewed as a form of altering that design.

Islam encourages you to be as authentic and original as possible by being contented with your appearance because that is how Allah intended it to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Getting a Tattoo of Allah a Sin?

Although Islam is centered around remembering and praying to Allah throughout the day, getting a tattoo of Allah’s name, whether in English or Arabic, is considered a sin or haram.

Islam’s faith implies that you can’t come to a good ending via haram means, which is also a deception detested in Islam.

2. What If You Acquired your Tattoo Before Knowing It’s Haram?

The best option is to remove it after learning that having one is a big sin. If it’s too expensive and a health hazard to you no need to remove it, but you should always ensure it is covered and nobody sees it.

According to Islam, showcasing a sin you did out of ignorance or naivety is bad.


Now that you know that permanent tattooing is a sin in Islam, as a Muslim, you should be so thoughtful before going against your faith’s teachings.

Please go through the above content to open your mind fully concerning tattooing and Islam teachings on the same.

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