Tattoos in the Workplace: Is It Still an Issue?

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With the rise of digital communication, itג€™s never been easier to collaborate with coworkers from anywhere at any time. And with that comes a whole new level of collaboration: peer-to-peer collaboration. With this kind of collaboration, coworkers regularly communicate and work together on projects rather than waiting for more formal team meetings.
As companies continue to embrace the office environment that has become so popular over recent years, more and more companies are implementing coworking spaces alongside traditional offices. This means that not only are workplaces becoming more flexible but also that workers can bring their own desks with them to work. In other words, employees donג€™t need an office to get the job done; they just need a place to work in privacy while collaborating with coworkers on different projects throughout the day.

Are tattoos still an issue in the workplace?

As a result, tattoos are becoming less of an issue in the workplace. But there is still some fear that tattoos might have a negative impact on productivity or company culture. However, employers should know that itג€™s not just the tattoo itself that can be problematic – it’s also how people feel about the tattoo, and where it’s located.
Depending on your job and industry, tattoos may not be an issue at all or may cause problems with certain clients but not others. For example, if youג€™re a professional working in fashion or design, tattoos could be seen as too personal to wear to work. If you’re a lawyer or administrator who works in an office space with clients, you would probably have more issues with your tattoos than someone else who works in a public-facing setting.
The key is finding out what kinds of issues exist before you decide whether to include them in your companyג€™s dress code.

Are tattoos still taboo in the workplace?

Although tattoos have become more and more acceptable in recent years, many companies still restrict them. This is because the idea of seeing someone with a tattoo on their desk is still off-putting to some people. In fact, the number one concern of companies that donג€™t allow tattoos in the workplace is how it would affect other employeesג€™ productivity when they see someone with a tattoo on their desk. With this in mind, it seems as though there has been some progress in terms of workplace acceptance for tattoos. But, unfortunately, there are still companies that donג€™t allow them.
If you are considering getting a tattoo while working in a company where tattoos aren’t allowed, you should discuss your situation with your company’s human resources manager before making any decisions about what to do.

Do companies still not hire people with tattoos?

Companies still don’t hire people with tattoos. But, with the rise of coworking spaces and flexible work environments, this is a less common issue than it used to be.
Still, there are plenty of companies that still have strict policies on tattoos. For example, some companies will only hire workers if they’re willing to get their tattoos covered up or even removed completely.

tattoos in the workplace 2022

Tattoos are a controversial topic in the workplace. They have been banned by some companies for a variety of reasons and other workplaces have adopted their own policies. The most common reason that employers have for banning tattoos is that they can affect an employeeג€™s ability to do their job.
Employers often fear that tattoos might distract from an employeeג€™s work or make them seem unprofessional, so they ban them altogether or only allow small tattoos on certain areas of the body. If an employer bans tattoos outright, it is likely because the employer believes that tattoo artwork will damage property or cause unsightly stains, which could also lead to safety hazards.
Nonetheless, many workers continue to arrive at work bearing tattoos and with visible scars on their skin as a way to express themselves and their personal style without worrying about how it affects their work performance. In fact, one study found that among employees who had tattoos, those who were more prone to expressing themselves through fashion choices (such as wearing makeup) were more likely to be promoted than those who did not wear any kind of clothing expression.

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