What Happens if You Visit Japan With Tattoos?

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The Japanese culture is rich in history, folklore and tradition. One of the most treasured customs that has remained intact in their society is tattoos. Even with the ever-growing western influence, there are still pockets of Japanese culture in almost every country today. So, do you have ink on your skin? If yes, then itג€™s time that you check if your hankerings for Japan will be met with acceptance or not. Read on to know more about visiting Japan with tattoos and what precautions you need to take to avoid ostracism from society and a good hiding place from the Tattoo Police should they catch you red-handed.

Where Canן¿½t Japanese Go With Tattoos?

Japan is a country where the concept of what is in and what is out is not only upheld but strictly enforced. So, it goes without saying that if you have tattoos, you will not be able to get into certain places or areas in Japan.
The first place that you can’t visit with tattooed skin is a public bathhouse. Public baths are open to everyone and they are an important part of Japanese culture. You see people from all walks of life coming there to take a dip in the water, cleanse their body and soul and enjoy being with others. The idea behind getting tattoos would be pretty sharp contrast with this. With that said, getting caught by the Tattoo Police would be one huge embarrassment for anyone who tries to enter one of these establishments with ink on their skin.
Another place that you should avoid visiting with tattos are temples or shrines. These sacred sites are visited by many tourists from around the world so there’s no need for your tattooed body to ruin this experience for anyone else.
The last place you should avoid visiting if you have tattoos is amusement parks like Disney Land or Universal Studios Japan (USJ). These tourist attractions offer a unique experience through themed rides, shows and attractions that feature characters from different cultures and styles which attract tourists from all over the world. However, if you have ink on your skin then your visit would turn into a nightmare for those families trying to enjoy themselves on vacation as well as for your own sanity when surrounded

How Strict Is Japan About Tattoos?

Japan has strict rules about tattoos. The country has a very specific tattoo culture and it is not known for its acceptance of tattoos. Your passport will be confiscated if your skin is inked, meaning that you may not be allowed to enter the country if you have any ink on your body. This is why itג€™s important to know what kind of ink you have before visiting Japan with tattoos. If youג€™re going there with a temporary tattoo, then that should be fine as long as the design doesn’t cover your face or genitals. But if you have ink permanently imprinted on your skin, then you may get your passport confiscated.
It’s also important to note that other countries don’t share the same views as Japan on tattoos. For example, in South Korea, people are more open-minded and accepting of body art, even though they do prohibit any tattoos that cover up scars and medical implants. One thing to keep in mind when visiting another country with a tattoo is whether or not they are allowed to enter their country with one as well!

Should You Hide Your Tattoos When Visiting Japan?

If you plan on visiting Japan, then you should research the cultural norms before you travel. In Japan, tattoos are considered a fashion statement and are not usually seen as a reflection of your character. However, some countries in Asia and Eastern Europe will not accept tattoos as they believe they bring dishonor to the wearer. As such, if you plan on traveling to these countries with ink, be sure to avoid giving the wrong impression by covering up your tattoos. When visiting Japan with tattoos, itג€™s best that you choose an appropriate outfit for your trip. Even though Japanese society does not stigmatize tattoos, it’s best it is made known that you have them when visiting their country in order to maintain cultural integrity.

How To Hide Tattoos in Japan?

In this part of the world, tattoos are a huge no-no. This is because they have been associated with gangs and criminals, and they can even lead to jail time. Like everywhere else in the world, however, there are some customs that people consider sacred and tattooing is one of them. For example, itג€™s only considered respectful for married couples to get matching tattoos on their hands or feet. And since Japan practices quite a lot of these traditions considered sacred, if you find yourself in trouble with the police because you were caught with your ink exposed (meaning your tattoos weren’t concealed), then there are certain things that you need to do to avoid causing more problems while in the country.
1) Cover up your tattoos
The first step would be covering up your tattoos before going out. This is done by taking off any clothing items that have sleeves or pockets where you can hide your designs. The best way to do this would be to wear long-sleeve shirts, jackets or coats and keep your shoes on at all times.
2) Don’t get drunk
Japan follows strict laws about drinking alcohol within its borders and penalties can be harsh if you’re caught drinking while underage or without a legal permit from an accredited institution like a hospital or cafe. So if you’re planning on imbibing any alcoholic beverages while in the country, don’t do it!

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